Thursday, December 6, 2012

overall experience of drawing 1

The overall experience of the class can be a bit foggy when it comes to mind, but I have a few things to say about the class. First of all this class is a required by most art colleges to attend during their freshmen years. Even though I have already known these skills needed to be covered in class, refreshing them was a bit tedious and can be seen as optimistic?? Anyway I frankly haven’t learned anything new in the class since I already knew about them. Some of the assignments were meant to help one improve on techniques required to advance in the art world, but I see myself not really gaining anything new.            
            Enough about ranting that lets go over what the class actually covered. What I actually saw in the class I already knew, but did see others struggling to understand about the subject. Some of the assignments covered in class were a bit pointless to me as going over and over the material will not get a person to understand. The good thing about the class is that it was optimistic and we covered every material needed. Not much to say about the class , but I personally did a good job in the class and look forward to going into drawing 2 were we get to finally shade and make the drawings pop.

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  1. Cristian, I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to say here... "refreshing them was a bit tedious and can be seen as optimistic??"

    Unfortunately, a huge part of improving your skills is pure repetition. Although it may seem tedious, you must improve and maintain your skills ALL THE TIME.

    I still feel that you need to push yourself away from your comfort zone. Throughout your studies, a goal of yours should be to surprise yourself with better work. Just because you know a technique, does not mean you have mastered this skill... something to think about.