Thursday, December 6, 2012

overall experience of drawing 1

The overall experience of the class can be a bit foggy when it comes to mind, but I have a few things to say about the class. First of all this class is a required by most art colleges to attend during their freshmen years. Even though I have already known these skills needed to be covered in class, refreshing them was a bit tedious and can be seen as optimistic?? Anyway I frankly haven’t learned anything new in the class since I already knew about them. Some of the assignments were meant to help one improve on techniques required to advance in the art world, but I see myself not really gaining anything new.            
            Enough about ranting that lets go over what the class actually covered. What I actually saw in the class I already knew, but did see others struggling to understand about the subject. Some of the assignments covered in class were a bit pointless to me as going over and over the material will not get a person to understand. The good thing about the class is that it was optimistic and we covered every material needed. Not much to say about the class , but I personally did a good job in the class and look forward to going into drawing 2 were we get to finally shade and make the drawings pop.

documentation of cross hatching

documentation of free hand drawings

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Urban sketching

Urban sketching is a fun new experience to practice a technique that goes from loose to tight. One would go out into the urban population and draw out a building, house, and/or any famous structure. I have begin drawing buildings such as the the Memphis college of art graduate building, the Memphis Peabody Hotel, and the Memphis college of art building. those pictures will come soon since my computer feels like not uploading anything at this time. Urban sketching a good way to grasp the attention of the public as a movement begins to happen. many great works of art come such genre of drawing it has bloomed into a wonderful movement. So come on and try drawing the urban environment free-hand and enjoy the architectural wonders of your urban community.

documentation of lines

These were fun to draw and very time consuming in general. For those willing to change their style for a quick drawing it's okay.

Monday, October 22, 2012

documentation 2-point

In these photos I have created works that use two point perspective art to show the angles. This isn't the best examples of work, but one can grasp the idea of what is being shown